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The OrchIDEENgarten, always a good OrchIDEE!


That’s what we’re all about. We are constantly brimming with new ideas and it goes without saying that all our orchids are of the highest quality.


We’ve been a family run business for over 120 years. My father, Joachim Karge, had the original idea to build up the OrchIDEENgarten here in Dahlenburg and we’ve been working intensively and exclusively on the breeding and cultivation of these fantastic plants for more than 70 years.


Discover over 1000 forms and breeds over an area of 6,500 square metres. This huge amount of variety is unique in Europe and has won prizes and awards all over the world including the State Honorary Award at the Federal Horticultural Show (iga) which is Germany’s largest horticultural exhibition.


So what`s our secret? To be honest there is no secret! Orchids delight everyone with their simplicity and fascinating, endless variety of colours and shapes.


Please remember to give your orchid plenty of water approximately once a week making sure the pot gets really wet but take care not to leave any water standing in the pot, something Orchids can’t tolerate. Bearing this in mind means you’ve already taken care of 90% of the maintenance.


Orchids love a bright location but make sure that your orchid doesn’t sit in the full midday sun during summer months. Fertiliser should be added with every 2 to 3 waterings from March to October with special orchid fertiliser. But don’t worry if you forget, your orchid will flower anyway, they are very frugal!


Orchids flower at least once a year and for many weeks or even months thus making them very cheap in comparison to freshly cut flowers.


A tip from the expert: Should your orchid not flower again, place it somewhere where the temperature drops significantly during the night. This helps the plant to feel at home and it will soon delight you with new flowers again.


Orchids from OrchIDEENgarten are truly a quality product. We select all our plants with competence and love. All our plants have already flowered and should this not be the case we will explicitly point this out. This means that you won’t have to wait long for the orchid to flower for you.


We deliver our orchids, problem free, worldwide and within a few days within Europe.


We will probably send our orchids at the beginning of the week in order to avoid long waiting times. We ship with DHL and as soon as we have franked the package you receive an email with the tracking number.


Shipping costs within Germany are from €9.50 and within Europe from €20.00.

For shipping to U.K. please select Vereinigtes Königreich. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience!


Should you wish us to ship worldwide please send us a request at:


In the case of international shipping, as soon as you have selected your orchids and placed them in your shopping cart (Warenkorb) you have the option of three payment methods; Paypal, credit card or pre-payment. If you choose payment in advance, you will receive an automatic mail with our account details.


For any further questions or suggestions we are happy to help at:


We would be delighted for you to visit us at the OrchIDEENgarten where there are over 4,500 square metres open for you to browse.


You can find our events here.


For groups we offer individual tours and lectures.


Our café and restaurant completes your visit with delicious and fresh dishes.


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Have fun with your OrchIDEEN!


Best wishes, Marei Karge-Liphard


Marei Karge-Liphard aus dem OrchIDEENgarten Karge