Newsletter Repotting Week at OrchIDEENgarten Karge

Dear Friends of OrchIDEENgarten Karge

Our Repotting Week will take place from 6th -12th of March here in Dahlenburg.

Now it's the best time for Repotting your orchids to keep it in beautiful condition.

We are offering Repotting from Experts with quality medium with a discount of 50%


Each customer will receive a FREE bottle of orchid fertilizer (100ml) with a purchase of 10€.

For each of you who can't be present at our repotting days we assembled a special repotting kit, which you will find in our online shop for 10% off the regular price

Repotting is easy and everyone can do it. Have a look at the video and see how I do it!

At the 12th of March we would like to invite you to our Spring Brunch at our Cafe DIE GÄRTNEREI.Please RSVP.

Kind regards,


Yours Marei Karge-Liphard

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